Some Of The Brands That Kim Dao Works With Regularly

One of the many fashion capitals of the world, Japan is definitely one to go to on the map. This is because of their thriving fashion and makeup industry. You can go to specific cities in Japan and find that there are subcultures of fashion existing.

If you love unconventional fashion and all-out styles then you would love the energy that Japan and its many fashion brands can give. This is also why there are a lot of social media influencers who also tend to partner up with these brands. It’s one of the best ways to promote Japan and get the brands out there in the international market.

Social Media Personalities In Japan And Collaborations
Kim Dao is one of those social media personalities that has a huge audience in Japan and around the world, her content focuses mainly on fashion and makeup which is why there have been Japanese brands that have partnered with her too. Brand marketing goes both ways as it helps the social media personality through sponsorship and the social media personality advertises their products for them on his or her platform.

If you look into Dao’s content, you can find that she has several videos promoting makeup products, facial products, and even fashion items that she has gotten online or in Japanese stores. The great thing about this is that Dao demonstrates how these items would look like when she tries them on one by one.

Fashion Brands And Campaign Ideas
Every brand has its own way of promotion. While some may access social media influencers on YouTube, there are also some that work on Instagram, Facebook and more. It depends on which types of the audience the brands want to reach and which audience they would like to reach out to from the social media influencers. It then depends on the influencer if he or she is willing enough to trust the brand that has offered the opportunity.