Bathroom And Kitchen Tile – Is There Any Difference?

Tiles are one of the most popular choices to add character in a home. There are different varieties depending on where it is made from, porcelain, clay, wood and even glass. They are mostly used on floors or walls as decorative cover.

Tiles are mostly seen on floors or walls. But, did you know that not all types are for the same purpose? Like Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles. In order to use tiles in the best way possible, it is important to know which will fit well to where you will use them.

So, here’s a rundown from on difference between Bathroom and Kitchen Tile

  • Water and stain resistant- To start off, there are two things that these two areas should be similar; they should be water and stain resistant. Having these qualities is important because of the nature of the areas in order to prevent early deterioration of the tiles.
  • Aesthetic- One of the most visible differences of Bathroom and Kitchen tiles are the style and design. For the bathroom, it is more likely to see the use of small size tiles,with clean colours and design that can resonate the vibe of squeaky clean feel.

On the other hand, the kitchen can depend on the aesthetic of the owner. But, it is normal to see regular sized ones in different styles and colors.

  • Durability- When choosing the right tile for any room, it is important to understand where you use it. For bathrooms, where it’s most likely to walk on barefoot, it’s fine to use tiles that are strong enough to withstand that kind of pressure.

For the kitchen, where there’s heavy foot traffic, it is important to have tiles made from strong materials that can hold scratches and heavy pressure.This will ensure that there will be no need for annual change of tiles and unexpected expenditure.